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Voting Absentee in May 19, 2020 Presidential Preference Primary

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is taking unprecedented steps to protect the public health of Georgia voters while also upholding the integrity of the vote. These temporary steps are being made because of the COVID-19 pandemic threatening public health in Georgia and around the world.

The Secretary of State's office will be mailing absentee ballot request forms to every Georgia voter. This will supplement extra measures to ensure those who rely on in-person voting to access the ballot can do so safely.

What do you the voter need to do?

  • Send in your ballot REQUEST FORM in ample time to receive the actual BALLOT
  • VOTE down the entire BALLOT
  • Return the ballot so it is RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE 7 PM ON MAY 19
  • TRACK THE STATUS of their absentee ballot online at

Georgia's New Voting Machines in 2019

Georgia's New Voting Machines
by Sally FitzGerald, LWV Capitol Observer

The League of Women Voters has been advocating in Georgia for retiring the current digital recording electronic (DRE) voting machines for several years. Initially, we were told it would not happen until 2023, just in time for the presidential election of 2024. Instead, it happened this year and we will use it in all elections in 2020, another presidential election year.

For more information, read Sally's report.

Voter Guide Information

Your Vote Counts!

The 2019 Voter Guide is now available and includes information on Congressional, Statewide and Local Elections. VOTE 411 provides candidate information, a voter registration tool, and other helpful election information for all voters nationwide.

Early Voting Information

We encourage voting early for anyone that could face an issue at the polls (first-time voters, citizenship, etc). Early voting allows time for individuals to clear up any reasons that may cause you to vote provisionally (on paper) on election day.

The March 24 Presidential Preference Primary, set for March 24, has been postponed to May 19, 2020. Early Voting has been suspended as of March 15. Click here for additional information.

Voter Information Find the facts about voting in your state at Before an election, find your polling place.

For additional information about voter registration and elections in Fulton County, visit Fulton County Department of Registration and Elections.